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This post discusses forces that influence health care.

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What are economic, political, and social forces that influence health care delivery in the future and why?

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The political forces that will influence health care are the government-enacted health care policies. The health care reform, universal health care initiatives, and other similar regulations will dictate the future direction of health care delivery. If universal health care is enacted, we will see providers who basically have to provide for many more people than they currently provide health care services for, in the nation. However, we are not increasing our number of providers. The number of providers will only be increased by those entering into the health care field as happened before the political enactment of universal health care (if what is proposed does happen). In any case where we have thousands of more services that must be offered to a larger population based on the same general number of providers, quality will become an issue. There is no way that it cannot become an issue. We're taking 10,000 people, for instance, being ...

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The solution provides a detailed discussion examining the economic, political, and social forces that influence health care delivery in the future and why.

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