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    Three Forces Affecting the U.S. Health Care System

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    Identify and evaluate at least three forces that have affected the development of the health care system in the U.S.

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    The recent reforms in the health care system in the US have been in response to several issues. Many of these issues are actually causing reforms in many Western countries. However, unlike many other Western countries, the US has had a largely privatized health care system for most of its history, which has now begun to change. The private health care system has simply not been able to meet the demands of the modern Western world. Below I discuss three of the larger issues in detail:

    1) The Ageing Population:
    This is an issue facing most Western countries. As the Western world has developed, including education, food resources, and medical technology, life expectancy has risen. This means that, as a whole, the country is getting older. However, older people tend to be sicker. Moreover, elderly patients tend not to have conditions that can simply be treated and they can be discharged. Instead, elderly patients tend to have multiple overlapping conditions, many requiring constant care and support, such as dementia and Alzheimer's. About 2/3 of hospital beds are now occupied by patients over 65. Compared to other countries, what makes this worse in the United States is the fact ...

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    The expert identifies and evaluates at least three forces that have affected the development of the health care system in the United States.