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    Personality Styles on Teams

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    How can you use the knowledge of your own and other team members styles to help address the challenges of competition, conflict or problem solving. Choose one to examine and discuss.

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    Team Member Style

    Team Member Style
    Team Member Style helps in understanding the need and expectation of an individual as being a team leader or team member. There are four types of team membership style, viz. promoting style, directive style, analytical style and supportive style (Whitney, Cherney Trosten-Bloom and Fry 2004). These styles help to understand the personality clues and communication style of each individual and also help in solving problem.
    Promoting team member style helps the team leader and its member to understand the problem and address these challenges in order to solve them in an effective manner. The people with this style have lots of energy and enthusiasm to understand the problem and take it as an opportunity to solve ...

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