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    Characteristics of a Leader and a Follower

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    Recall a present or past job. Were you both a leader and follower? Explain.

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    In its most basic meaning, a leader is someone who leads others. With that said, what makes a leader different from others? The answers are plentiful. First of all, a leader is not a supervisor. Therefore, leaders do not need to focus on being the "boss" and getting people to do as they say. Moreover, leaders are not there to punish, but rather to work cohesively with employees in getting them to understand and follow company regulations. Second of all, leaders are also coaches. When working with their employees, leaders focus on coaching them into developing better understanding and working skills in the field that they serve. Third of all, most leaders are parts of teams. Within the ...

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    This solution discusses the implications and characteristics of being both a leader and a follower in one's everyday life, including in a work environment.