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Discuss the impact of cultural diversity on law enforcement practices. Identify and discuss trends in diversity in relation to the court and prison systems.

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1. Discuss the impact of cultural diversity on law enforcement practices.

When discussing cultural diversity, we are referring to differences in age, ethnic heritage, gender, physical ability/qualities, and sexual orientation. People often confuse an ethnic subculture as the prevailing ethnic culture. People as often associate skin color (pigmentation) with certain or prescribed behavior. When in fact the behavior maybe contrary to skin color and as well as race. People confuse color with ethnicity e.g.; African-Americans are often associated with American Negro or black, when in reality there are a great number of whites who are African Americans. http://www.tcleose.state.tx.us/GuideInst/PDF/CULTDIV%20final%202002%20rev.%206-04.pdf.

However, in the CJS, race has had a profound effect on law enforcement practices. For example, Almqvist (2006) analyses the impact of cultural diversity on international criminal proceedings, and what may be done to counter the unfortunate conditions - limited (or lack of) understanding, alienation and disagreement - resulting from this diversity. Each of these conditions, if ignored, seriously undermines not merely the efficacy of international criminal tribunals, but also their worth from the standpoint of those who are supposed to benefit from them, i.e. actual participants (accused, witnesses and victims) and affected populations. At present, according to Almqvist (2006), international criminal tribunals primarily understand the problem of cultural diversity as one of how to cope with linguistic variations. However, a persistent focus on culture as language hides differences in terms of other culture-specific components of equal relevance to their work, notably socio-cultural norms ...

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Discusses the impact of cultural diversity on law enforcement practices. This solution also identifies and discusses trends in diversity in relation to the court and prison systems. Supplemented with the sentencing policies for the African Americans.

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