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People and Organizations Who Have a Positive Impact on Society

Using the internet, research a significant person and a organization in history that assisted people or was an advocate against inequality. This person and this organization will have had a positive impact on society, especially children and communities.

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The organization I've chosen for my research project is that of Children's Rights, an organization with the purpose of protecting children in the United States so as they receive equal rights and overall protection. Their mission statement clearly states they are a national advocacy group working to reform failing child welfare systems on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of abused and neglected children who depend on them for protection and care (Children's Rights, 2012). The understatement of their purpose is ensure the child's rights are protected and each child is placed in a safe, stable, permanent home that ensures the child is afforded every right they are entitled to under the constitution just as adults.

The organization was started by a former lawyer by the name of Marcia Robison Lowry in 1995 as an independent organization under the same name in New York City. Her legal background served as a catalyst when dealing with legal reforms and judicial hearings with children who were placed in the custody of the state because they came from abused and/or neglected backgrounds. Ms. Lowry is a published author who whose wrote numerous best sellers, conducted Congressional hearings before Congress, and numerous other articles that were published through national media outlets.

The Children's Right advocacy committee has been responsible for numerous changes and reforms at local, state, and ...