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The Impact of War on Society

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I have to compose a paper that covers the impact of war on a society. Please help, I have become overwhelmed and need some help.

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This solution describes the impact of war on society.

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War has a tremendous impact upon the society of any nation, largely due to the fact that war is a tremendously expensive undertaking for nations. Due to this factor, the war effort requires that governments mobilize as much of their human and material resources as possible, in order to be able to produce the materials that are needed to carry out warfare. Nations often have to raise the taxes of the individuals within their nations in order to be able to finance war efforts, which causes a strain upon individuals within those societies that may be barely making ends, meet economically. Due to this factor, one of the first impacts that war has upon a society is upon the citizens of that society, who are more often than not the individuals that have to make the financial sacrifices necessary to pay increased taxes in order to support war ...

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