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War, Culture and Business Management

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Please provide assistance answering the following question. I need to tie war and culture to major business management, and I am not too sure how to approach this. I need to consider both WWI and WWII, but I am a bit unsure of how to tie this all together. Please provide references.

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Tough question, but there are a couple of things you can highlight in how war and culture impacts business management.

1. War in general has an enormous impact on culture and business from a social/economic stand point.

2. You might highlight how war impacts society which requires managers (leaders) to be flexible in their leadership styles from an employee standpoint and finance standpoint. As we all know, social norms and views change depending on the country in which we are at war with. During the initial invasion with Iraq, society changed their views towards Arabic Americans which required those managers who had these employees to ...

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Though we don't realize it, war ultimately impacts our culture and business management. In saying, throughout American history we've seen many different situations that tie these events together. Below it is highlighted how war and culture impacts business management. References are provided.