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Art History: Guernica

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Visit : http://www.pbs.org/treasuresoftheworld/a_nav/guernica_nav/main_guerfrm.html

1) How does the depth of information provided impact your ideas about this work?
2) Do you think that this painting belongs in the company in which PBS places it in for this series? Why or why not?

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First, read the article. Note what is being said, both about this artist and about this particular work of the artist. Think about how this one work was, is and will continue to be a meaningful work of art, albeit one with a political message.

1) How does the depth of information provided impact your ideas about this work?

This article offered insights into the inspiration of this painting and the life of the artist that I did not realize or know, even as an Art major in college. It was fascinating to me that Picasso refused to allow Guernica to be returned to Spain until that country realized a more democratic and humane ...

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The solution assists with answering analysis questions about the content of a PBS Web site's article on Pablo Picasso's painting, Guernica.

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Throughout history artist have expressed themselves regarding the social realities of the world such as war. Compare and contrast Eugene Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People to Pablo Picasso's Guernica. How do these two artist differ in their visualization of war? How do you think today's artists would respond to the war in Iraq or Afghanistan? Are there examples you might site? How do they differ from Picasso and Delacroix?

Artists will always be responding to the effects of war, poverty, injustice and suffering in their work. Of course this is not the only role of the artist, as we see just as much beauty and experimentation as well.

Although we may not yet be seeing the work from artists in Iraq or Afghanistan yet in our museums, it does not mean that the art is not being created. As long as the topics are there, artists will be creating work to reflect the times, the emotions, and have symbols that represent the story of struggle

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