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    Public Images in Art of Lenin and Stalin

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    People who have held political power have often used art to create "public images" of themselves. Explain how at least two leaders have used art to enhance their prestige, to make themselves more "in."

    Select one political leader from the past (prior to the 20th century) who used art to influence public perceptions of his/her power and image, and one leader of the 20th or 21st century who employed art in a similar manner. Discuss the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of these efforts. Be specific in mentioning works or media that were used. How might history have turned out differently if these efforts had not been successful?

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    First of all, as you examine people who have held political power and who have often used art to create "public images" of themselves, you might use Stalin as an example and how he used art to enhance his prestige and to also make himself more "in."

    Specifically, Stalin used art to influence public perceptions of his power and image. He was pretty effective since his art was propaganda to impart Communistic values and ideologies; he used art "to educate the people to learn the new principles of communism - to show the possibility for a better reality" (www.azer.com/.../142_articles/142_lenin_art.html).

    Mikhail Mikhailovich Bozhi's painting, "Stalin in the Civil War," at http://horvath.members.1012.at/bozhi.htm, also reveals that art was used to show an active, concerned leader. However, the truth is that he never actually served on the frontline of the war at all. The art was used to manipulate peoples' feelings of patriotism to rally support for him as a nationalistic figure and hero.

    Another example shows the glorification of Stalin in Petr Panteleimonovich Parkhet's painting, "Stalin at the 8th Conference of the Highest Council" (http://horvath.members.1012.at/stalr.jpg). By depicting him ...

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