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Islamic versus Christian art

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In Islamic culture, there are certain religious restrictions on use of imagery and representation of human or animal forms is forbidden in many art forms. As a result, Islamic art has developed highly sophisticated abstract, geometric, and linear decorative elements. Compare and contrast this aspect of Islamic art with art of another culture (your choice) that is centrally concerned with pictorial representations of iconic figures or realistic depictions of historical events or realistic situations.

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Islamic art does not use pictorial representations to tell the story of an event (current or historical) they use the flowing Arabic script, and incorporate the actual story, or the name of the person in script, into the decorative elements of the room or building. In Medieval Catholic cultures (Italy, for example) much of the populace could not read, so pictures were painted of the biblical saints and stories of the Bible as a teaching tool for the public, so ...

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The discussion of Islamic and Christian Art differences especially in the depictions of realistic images.