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    Cold War and WW2

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    - Explain the collapse of the Allies alliance.
    - Explain how the Cold War affected the formation and functioning of the United Nations.
    - Determine the different ways Western and Eastern Europe responded to the Cold War as they tried to recover from the devastation caused by the previous war.

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    •Explain the collapse of the Allies alliance.

    The collapse of the Allies alliance was something that was predestined to occur as the alliance was never built upon trust but rather only predicated upon necessity and mutual interests, which were the defeat of Nazi Germany and the Axis forces. The Soviet Union was indoctrinated with a vision of Communist triumph over the entire world in the same viewpoint that Nazi Germany envisioned triumph over the entire globe or Japan envisioned triumph over the globe. Therefore, the Soviet Union never perceived long-term cooperation with capitalist states as any possibility, but only did so for instrumental reasons as well as out of necessity. Russia, never trusted English-speaking democracies, and therefore, felt it was a permanent outsider that needed to buffer itself against Capitalistic Western countries. In addition, the three leaders of the Allies alliance, Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin, each had a different concept of what the postwar world should look like as Churchill's view was backward to an era of empires and balances of power while Roosevelt's viewpoint was placated upon peace structured by the United Nations and maintained by regional hegemonies. Stalin viewed the post-war view of the world through the concept of Soviet power projected throughout the world as I stated earlier that their objective was to overtake Capitalism as the only form of governance and economic fortitude.

    First and foremost, the only reason that any Alliance occurred between Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and the United States was because of Nazi Germany. There existed limited trust between the United States and Great Britain as well as the Soviet Union. The allies had deep seeded trust issues that were primarily predicated upon ideology as the Soviet Union was borne out of Marxist ideology implemented by the Bolsheviks whose revolution in 1917 led by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin established the Soviet Union ruthlessly inherited by Stalin. Russia became the lone socialist state in a capitalist-dominated world, and this was the impetus for the mistrust and guaranteed failure of the alliance. ...

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