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    Col War Historical Bias

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    Review the section Where Historians Disagree: Origins of the Cold War in American History: What do you believe were the true origins of the Cold War? How can you tell if bias or a specific agenda has tainted a historical source?

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    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones
    The Origins of the Cold War & Historical Bias

    I believe, judging from historical sources often quoted and validated that the origins of the cold war lie in the misunderstanding and politics between the Soviet Union and the US and its allies (who followed a democratic and free market way of life) in the manner by which the nations destroyed and heavily affected by WW2 (i.e. Germany, Japan) should be reconstructed. This is because the disagreements from the Yalta Conference all the way to the division of Germany between the East and West is well documented and historians following the historiographical theory of putting together important details about the origins of the Cold War can look towards ...

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