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Teaching strategies about the Civil War

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Need some ways to incorprate teaching a fifth grade class (solid stragities) about the historical significance of the Civil War. Need help incorparating three factors such as one relevance, two emotions and three context. What type of classroom activities could be incorparated and further exemplify the three factors?

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First off, as you brainstorm some ways to incorporate creative but research-based teaching strategies into a fifth grade class about the historical significance of the Civil War, the picture book called Pink and Say by Patricia Polacco is a visually and literary masterpiece for this age group. It is located for you to browse at http://www.patriciapolacco.com/books/pink_and_say/ps_index.html

Another highly recommended novel, if you need a longer text, is the young adult novel, Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers. It is located at http://www.classzone.com/novelguides/litcons/fallen/guide.cfm
This one has a higher reading level, so it will depend upon your group's skills.

As you discuss relevance, one strategy ...

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Teaching strategies about the historical significance of the Civil War are presented and justified.

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