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How to teach fifth graders about the Civil War

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You have been given the assignment of teaching a class of 5th graders about the historical significance of the Civil War. Explain how you would do this incorporating the following 3 factors: relevance, emotions, and context. Provide specific classroom activities, and explain how each exemplifies the 3 factors.

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America's Civil War was a defining moment in American history. Slavery and other issues divided the country. Fifth grade is a time when students start making connections between the past and present and how history has shaped today's world. In order to effectively teach fifth grade students about the Civil War you need to make lessons motivational and engaging so that students can understand the relavance of the Civil War, the emotions conveyed by people who lived during that time and context. It would help to begin with a KWL chart where you can list what students know about the Civil War and what they want to know about. The L part -what they have learned can be filled in as you go along. This can help students to understand its relevance because they may be able to connect it to their lives.

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An explanation of how to teach fifth graders about the historical significance of the Civil War incorporating relevance, emotions and context is provided in this solution.

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Need some ways to incorprate teaching a fifth grade class (solid stragities) about the historical significance of the Civil War. Need help incorparating three factors such as one relevance, two emotions and three context. What type of classroom activities could be incorparated and further exemplify the three factors?

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