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fifth graders developmentally

Please help me to understand how children in an elementary school might describe student development in the following categories; Physical, Cognitive/Intellectual, Emotional and Social.

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Physical: Most fifth graders are experiencing puberty. Many fifth grade girls have been experiencing it for a while and many fifth grade boys are just beginning puberty. Normally there is a growth spurt that is associated with physical development which includes the appearance of pubic hair growth underarm hair growth and the development of sexual organs. Many girls of this age experience menstruation for the first time. Fifth graders usually can perform a variety of movement combinations in a game setting.Balance, agility, coordination, power,speed and reaction time improves generally at this age. They can adjust speed, the direction, and force of movements depending on the situation. Fifth grade boys Body Mass Index is generally ...

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This posting evaluates fifth graders developmentally. References are also provided to further validate the findings.