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Air Pollution and Health Problems

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Describe the common health problems associated with indoor and outdoor air pollution in urban settings.

Describe why children are more vulnerable to the effects of air pollutants.

Describe how you would assist the nurse to plan and implement a program that will reduce the exposure of this community to air pollution as well as reduce the impact of air pollution on the health of children.

Make sure to include preventive steps that can be taken by the community (home and school, for example) to reduce the exposure of children to air pollutants.

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There are a variety of health problems associated with indoor and outdoor pollution in urban settings, and these health problems include increased incidences of asthma, emphysema, neurological problems, and cardiovascular problems. These health problems can make it very difficult for individuals to function at their greatest capacity, due to the fact that many of these health conditions cause an individual to have difficulty breathing, and some of the neurological problems can impair individual movement ability, as well as cause speech, vision, and other ...

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