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references about air pollution

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This solution offers references about air pollution.

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This solution provides references about air pollution.

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As you structure your paper, here is a sequence idea for you to ponder:

I. Attention getter:

Use a clever quote, illustration, or current event to depict the air pollution crisis in a creative manner. You could maybe talk about how the pressures to reduce smoking personally and in public have been effective, but are they saving us from exposure to toxins based on air pollution?

Since I used to live in America's Southwest, you might cite Houston as an example. This article shows how it affects this city:

Sexton, K., Linder, S. H., Marko, D., Bethel, H., & Lupo, P. J. (2007). Comparative Assessment of Air Pollution-Related Health Risks in Houston. Environmental Health Perspectives, 115(10), 1388-1393.

Experts claim that "Airborne emissions from numerous point, area, and mobile sources, along with stagnant meteorologic conditions, contribute to frequent episodes of elevated air pollution in Houston, Texas."

What is the air pollution?

Since air comprises the gaseous atmosphere around Earth, it is our life source. Research classifies air as "about 80% nitrogen, 18% oxygen, and the rest water vapor, inert gases and air pollutants" (http://www.weact.org/Portals/7/Air%20Pollution%20Curriculum%20Resource%20Guide.pdf).

Air pollution involves human activities that "release substances into the air which cause problems for humans and the environment. Air pollution comes from many different sources such as factories, power plants, dry cleaners, cars, buses, trucks and even windblown dust and wildfires" (http://www.weact.org/Portals/7/Air%20Pollution%20Curriculum%20Resource%20Guide.pdf).

II. State thesis: Here is my generic model:

As a result of air pollution's toxic influences as an increasingly detrimental social problem, this paper briefly explores possible causes, effects, and prevention strategies to combat this serious environmental hazard.

III: Transition into Main Point 1:

First, it is critical to summarize the causes and severity of the problem. It is obvious that air pollution devastates the environment, animals, citizens, and other elements of life.


This source shows the extent and severity of the problem:

Levesque, S., Taetzsch, T., Lull, M. E., Kodavanti, U., Stadler, K., Wagner, A., & ... Block, M. L. (2011). Diesel Exhaust Activates and Primes Microglia: Air Pollution, Neuroinflammation, and Regulation of Dopaminergic Neurotoxicity. Environmental Health Perspectives, 119(8), 1149-1155.

The authors indicate that air pollution is a major source of health problems. They insist that it causes "environmentally induced inflammation/ oxidative stress, and each year millions of people are exposed to levels of air pollution above promulgated safety standards." As a result, the health effects from air pollution are severe. For example, the authors reveal that because it impairs the central nervous system, it is linked to "increased stroke incidence, decreased cognitive function, and Alzheimer's disease (AD)-like or Parkinson's disease (PD)-like neuropathology."

The authors also reiterate that one of the contributing problems is Diesel exhaust (DE). It is a major "constituent of near-road and urban air pollution and is commonly used as a surrogate model of air pollution in health effects studies."

How did the air pollution start?

As you examine the Earth's layers, ...

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