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    Air Pollution Research

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    Health Risks Posed by Air Pollution

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    Air pollution from cigarette smoking, industrialization, ammonia from farming, and overuse of motor vehicle emissions are common culprits in America and globally. One of the most impacted cities worldwide is Beijing, China, where experts suggest that its "Combustion of coal is the most important source of primary particulate matter (PM2.5) that is prone to carrying a variety of toxic heavy metals, acid oxides, organic pollutants, and microorganisms. These substances can deposit in human alveoli where they cause lung diseases, and they can enter the bloodstream leading to cardiovascular problems. Thus, exposure to PM2.5 can increase morbidity and mortality from respiratory and cardiovascular diseases and cancer" (Guangyu, Yiqun, Qin, Nina, Lonsdale, & Schwarzer, 2016, p. 141). Kelly & Fussell (2015) further blame air pollution for public health hazards and "The ultimate effect of air pollution on public health is to bring about premature death" (p. 634).

    Maynard (2015) further reveals how air pollution globally can increase cardiovascular mortality (p. 132). In fact, "the effect on the risk of death from cardiopulmonary disease is greater (9 %), and re-analysis showed that the majority of this effect fell on deaths from cardiovascular rather than ...

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