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    Air quality in Houston and surrounding areas

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    On air quality in Houston and surrounding areas, cities with refineries.

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    Air Quality in Houston and surrounding areas

    Houston's air quality has long suffered. Much of the city's air pollution problem is due to its proximity to the ship channel industries which compose the largest petrochemical complex in the nation- comprising over 60 percent of the country's petrochemical industry. Ground-level ozone, also known as smog, is Houston's most prevalent air pollution problem. The industries along the ship channel contribute overwhelmingly to Houston's air pollution problem.
    The air quality in Houston is monitored more closely and analyzed with more intensity than perhaps anywhere in the country--possibly the world. That's because the factors contributing to the region's ozone and air toxics problems are numerous and complicated.

    As the 4.7 million people living and working in the metropolitan statistical area know, Houston is sunny and hot for much ...

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