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    The risks of climate change and global warming

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    What are some of the implications of global warming? Are the efforts to improve air quality worth the economic costs?

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    As one can see in the links below, the risks associated with climate change are many and varied. Some will require significant adaptation of the human species, while others may prove insurmountable. Let us consider a few, and the probable costs:

    sea-level rise - a LARGE percentage of humans live close to coastlines. Perhaps 1/6 of humanity lives in high-risk areas when speaking of sea-level rise. Many of the planet's largest cities are in the hazard zone for moderate sea-level rise, like; NYC, Houston, LA, Sao Paolo, Mumbai, Djakarta, Hong Kong, Sydney, Macau...and many, many more. The costs of either trying to move cities or wall them of from the rising seas are enormous and untenable. Certain tropical island nations will cease to exists as their countries will literally be submerged - like the Maldives or Tuvalu.

    shifting habitats - when climate changes, the organisms that live in a climate must attempt to move with it. In the case of animals, this is feasible within limits. In the case of plant species, not so mush (or at least not so fast). Where these two concepts ...

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