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    City of Kelsey Energy Policy

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    Please summarize the costs and benefits of the proposed mine: which is the Rosemont Mine, Arizona.

    Incorporate at least one image and at least one chart or graph illustrating project costs. Conclude with an explanation of whether your chosen proposed surface mine is economically feasible and environmentally viable.

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    The Rosemont copper mine comes with many benefits and costs, not only to Arizona, but to the nation (refer to figure 1). The exports provided by the Rosemont copper mine will bring money into the local economy from inside. This money then circulates within the local economy putting people to work in locally-oriented economic activities (Power, 2010). It can also be used to import vital good and services that cannot be produced locally. The mine alone is expected to create 2000 jobs, 400 directly and 1,600 indirectly (Duhumal, 2012). This will provide a $3 billion increase in personal income over the next 20 years (Duhumal, 2012). The mine will also provide the local ...

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    This 450 word solution summarizes the costs and benefits of the Rosemont Mine in Arizona and includes a chart illustrating the project costs.