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    Political Obstacles to solving environmental problems

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    Having problems with essay topic and layout. Also finding relevant sources, all my internet searches turn up non relevant stuff. What is the best way to search topic's on the web to get relevant results?

    Question is:

    "What are the main political obstacles to addressing environmental problems in the Murray-Darling Basin."

    Problem is;

    What does this mean?
    Is it basically asking for me to explain the what political bullshit is stopping the environmental problems of the murray darling basin from being solved?

    How would i set this out?
    would i start with outlining the all the environmental problems together like salinity, land degradation etc then move on to explaining the political obstacles or would I outline each environmental problem followed by the relevant political obstacle within the same paragraphing and so on for each environmental problem?

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    Since this region is of such critical importance, and so many people are worried about it, there is quite a lot of material online about it. I think the problem is going through it all and picking out the best sources. The key is not to get bogged down in so much research that the paper doesn't get written. Focus on a few resources, and once you have a rough draft you can go back and add more references if you need to.

    I think this National Geographic article would be useful:
    (click on "feature article" if you only see an advertisement)
    It describes how the region was dependent on rainfall, which has become unreliable due to climate change. Farmers who depended on rains then expected to be able to draw from the river, which had been dammed in anticipation of a drought. But so much was used upstream, by more politically powerful groups, that none was left for them.

    Thus we can see that water has been over-allocated in this river basin. In other words, more water has been promised than can be delivered. The ...

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    Using the Murray-Darling Basin as an example, political obstacles to solving environmental problems are discussed in the solution.