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    The Vaccine Controversy

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    I have a discussion that I would like your input and thoughts on.

    According to Groark & Song (2012), "although vaccinations carry some risks and possible side effects, a child is generally at much greater risk for illness, which could be deadly, if the child is not vaccinated" (Section 6.4). The short and long-term side effects of vaccines have been receiving more and more attention. For this discussion, review both sides of the vaccine debate by reading "Safety & Prevention: How Safe are Vaccines?" from American Academy of Pediatrics and "KNOW...The Vaccine Controversy" from Vaccine Awareness of North Florida. Using these articles as well as information from Chapter 6, construct an argument either in favor of or against the use of vaccines based on the following:

    If your birthday falls between January and June: Argue for vaccines

    If your birthday falls between July and December: Argue against vaccines

    Be sure to support your stance with reference to at least one additional source (and include an APA-formatted reference for that source). Your discussion post should be at least 200 words in length.

    Can you give me your thoughts on this?

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    Argue for vaccines

    Many parents stand against vaccinations because some carry risks and possible side effects. However, is it really clear on exactly why parents believe this is the case? The risk involved is simply not real enough. To claim medical interventions is 100% safe is more serious and suspicious than the medical intervention (Hill, 2012). The medical practice ...

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    The vaccine controversy is examined.