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    Discussing H1N1

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    Hi, I need assistance with the following task. I need to develop a comprehensive summary of the H1N1 Influenza Virus that will discuss basically what H1N1 is and how the vaccine is produced. What are the vaccines and why are they produced every year? What is the significance of the vaccine with regard to preventing the spread of the disease? What are the pros and cons for not getting vaccinated for influenza and other diseases?

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    In 2009, we had an H1NI influenza (a.k.a. swine flu) outbreak that appeared to originate in Mexico and then spread throughout the U.S and beyond. The swine flu is a respiratory disorder. H1N1 is a strain of the swine flu that is highly contagious and creates the same symptoms as regular influenza (e.g. fever, headache, cough etc.). There have been thousands of people who have been hospitalized as a result of H1N1 and/or died as a result of it. The major reason was because many cases went unreported as people assumed they had the ...

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