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    data and analyze factors

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    Using the Internet to gather statistical data and related background information on your chosen disease.

    Compile information on the following:

    Populations affected by the disease

    Historical outbreaks of the disease

    Typical progression of the disease

    discussing your findings and analyze factors that predisposed people to the disease, caused historical outbreaks, and led to typical progression of the disease

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    For this question, first you must pick a disease to analyze. As for the particulars of the analysis:

    Populations affected by the disease
    For various infections and illnesses, certain populations are more at risk than others. Some of this has to do with genetics - certain populations and ethnicities produce different factors and antibodies to various antigens which either predispose them to a worse-than-average infection or give them a greater immunity towards the infectious agent. Besides this, consider the socioeconomical factors which determine what population is ...

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    The expert uses data to analyze factors. The populations that affect disease are determined.