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DMAIC Analyze Phase

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5. Broad Organizational Awareness of the Project

Engaging the entire organization in the Six Sigma process is a crucial element of overall success. Each team has a responsibility to ensure that the key stakeholders are aware of the project. Executing an effective communication plan is a key element of the overall project plan and responsibility of every team member.

Low - The project is virtually invisible to the rest of the organization. No formal communication plan is in place.

Medium - While the team has developed a communication plan, it seems that there is very little awareness of what the team is trying to accomplish. Both the Sponsor and the team leader provide frequent updates on the project, but it seems that across the board few employees know what this project is about and what the impact on their own area of responsibility will be.

High - The team has a detailed communication plan and every team member is actively engaged in its execution. Across the board, almost every member of the respective organization is aware of the project and has an understanding of how it will impact his or her area of responsibility and plays an active role in communicating what is learned and the best practices into the community body of knowledge.

6. Project Delivered the Anticipated Results

The ultimate test for each project is whether it delivered the business results and customer impact it was chartered to achieve. While the real impact cannot always be exactly determined at the start of the project, the project has to deliver against the goals defined in the project charter.

Low - The deliverables of the project do not meet the expectations laid out in the charter. No discussions have been held with the Sponsor relative to updating the charter throughout the course of the project.

Medium - While the project has made substantial progress towards the initial goals defined in the charter, overall the deliverables fall short of expectations. This shortfall was recognized early on and discussed with the project Sponsor, who agreed to move forward with the project regardless of this issue.

High - The project delivered the promised results. Over the course of the project, the team has updated the charter in a timely manner and made sure that all the key stakeholders are aware of the changes.

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DMAIC- Analyze Phase
In this phase the outcomes from measure phase were analyzed to identify major causes of deviation from expectation. The analyze phase has many phases which starts from measuring the current performance with the standard. If capability assessment shows that there is too such deviation from expectations adjustment to project goals may be considered. The data which is identified during measure phase is segmented to look for patterns that shed light on factors which may be causing or driving the observed variation. From these factors most likely factors are selected.
The distribution of each data set was looked for ...

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