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    Creating a Disease Control Plan

    Suggest a plan with specific measures for MRSA control using the information you obtained. Use the following questions to create your disease control plan:

    What measures would you suggest in the plan to actually reduce health risks?

    How would the plan allow the public to recognize that pathogens are related to the cause of diseases and other health problems?

    How would the plan demonstrate positive health practices?

    How would the plan clearly explain the concept of infectious disease and how it progresses?

    How would the plan suggest measures to prevent the outbreak of the chosen infectious disease?

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    Here are the answers to your questions:

    1. What measures would you suggest in the plan to actually reduce health risks? 

    Within a health care facility:
    - Patients should wash hands after using toilet or use provided hand wipes
    - Patients should wash or use hand wipes before and after eating
    - Visitors should never sit on hospital bed and clean hands before and after entering a ward by using hand wipes provided by hospital.
    - Health care staff should wash and dry their hands before and after caring for a patient
    - Disposable gloves must be worn by health care worker when physical contact with an open wound is performed
    - Patients with MRSA should be isolated
    - Continual changing of linen is necessary ...

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