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    Epidemic, Endemic, Pandemic

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    Based on this week's readings and your knowledge of epidemiological concepts address the following
    - Which offices need to respond? How would you coordinate a response?
    - Did the case require an immediate public health response?
    - Determine what type of emergency is described in the case. Is this an epidemic, endemic,
    pandemic or an isolated incidence?
    - List categories and examples of questions that should be asked of key informants who report a
    suspected outbreak of foodborne disease
    - List four criteria for prioritizing the investigation of suspected foodborne disease outbreaks (if

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    Epidemiology is the study of incidence, distribution, and the possible control of diseases or other factors relating to health. Typically, a specific agenda is followed when possible outbreak incidence occurs. The first report occurs when a person seeks medical attention. The attending physician notes symptoms and attempts a diagnosis. Repeated occurrence of similar symptoms will be a red flag to notify the local health department. From there the local health department will send investigators to gather more information as to whether in incidences are linked. If funds at local level are limited and the incidence rate warrants investigation (higher than normal) the state level health department may be called in to conduct the investigation. Either way, if the evidence gathered shows potential correlation, the state department of health is notified. From ...

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    Investigations are a key part of epidemiological studies. Disease occurrence may be considered isolated incidence, endemic, epidemic, or pandemic. The document address each type of investigation. In addition, the criteria an investigator must follow during investigation is discussed. Additionally, the questions pertinent to the investigation process are illustrated. Finally, prioritizing outbreaks is discussed.