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Impact of epidemic and pandemic episodes

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What is impact of epidemic and pandemic episodes in global history? What does the future hold regarding health concerns on a global scale?

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An epidemic "occurs when a disease affects a disproportionally large number of people within a given population, such as a city or geographic region" (Lamb, 2013, para 1). A pandemic is when an epidemic reaches an even larger population on a global scale such as spanning across countries throughout the world. Some examples of major epidemics and pandemics that have happened in global history and their impacts are:

• Smallpox - In the early 1500s, the Europeans brought with them new diseases and smallpox was one of those. It has killed more than 300 million people worldwide throughout the 20th century and killed an estimated 60 million people in the 18th century alone (ImpactLab, 2009). A vaccine was developed in 1796 but it ...

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The impacts of epidemic and pandemic episodes are provided. What the future holds regarding health concerns on a global scale are determined.

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