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    Epidemiology of family physician

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    What kind of epidemiology does a family physician practice? Please provide references if possible? Thank you.

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    National Epidemiology

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have been closely monitoring several critical areas that could cause epidemics in the United States. They keep a critical eye on such diseases that can spread rapidly or can cause death quickly in an unsuspected group such as young healthy people. They also monitor blood born diseases along with sexually transmitted types of diseases to see where better care needs to be taking place in
    health care institutions (Rodriguez, -Bario, Garcia, Ramirez, Lupion, Munian, Velasco, Galvez, del Toro, Millan, Lopez-Cereo & Pascual, 2010). Family Physician practice surveillance is intended to detect early exposures or
    adverse health risks that may cause either serious long term affects to large groups of people. One of the most important aspects of the physician's role in the community is to know his or her constituents. What are the important factors to look for in possible exposure or illnesses? Do they work in factories or businesses that leave them vulnerable for high risk? (http://www.globalfamilydoctor.com/publications/Role_GP.pdf)

    The Family Practice Physician is a critical component to surveillance. They often are the front lines to the diseases ...

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