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Epidemiology Defined

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(1) Define the term descriptive epidemiology.
(2) Give the definitions and examples of the categories of descriptive epidemiology.
(3) What are secular trends and cohort effects? Explain the relationship between these two terms.

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This excerpt breaks down the definition of epidemiology and provides examples for readers.

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(1) Define the term descriptive epidemiology.

The study of the occurrence of disease or other health-related characteristics in populations, general observations concerning the relationship of disease to basic characteristics (age, sex, species, race, occupation, social class, and geographic location). Basically, descriptive epidemiology seeks to answer the questions: Who? & What? (Host, Vector, Infectious Agent), Where? (Location), and When? (Time or Chronology of events).

(2) Give the definitions and examples of the categories of descriptive epidemiology.

Epidemiological Categories are more specifically used to describe which diseases are affecting a particular demographic of individual and/or population, which in turn ...

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