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    The Importance of Meaning

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    Delanty, G. & Strydom, P. (Eds). (2003). Philosophies of social science: The classic and contemporary readings.

    Why has the issue of meaning moved to the foreground in this so-called postmodern era (20th Century)?

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    On the Importance of Meaning

    What is meaning? If we take an existentialist view, we are talking about the worth and value of life. So we ask, over a situation, over an event - what does it mean? We assess it according to what it implies about the social realities we deem it affects. Consider for example the event of the Recession. We ask - what does the recession mean to the American poor, for example. By asking said question, we can come to assess how it affects a particular individual or segment of society, how it affects their social, political and psychic lives. Now, if we take the semiotic view point, meaning pertains to the set of roles and references associated with a particular ...

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