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    Moral Dissonance: Unethical Management

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    I need help on how to write an article critique from a journal with topics relating to organizational theory.

    Review an article from one of the journals listed below that relates to a topic of interest in organizational theory. The article should not be more than five years old. Select an article that has sufficient content that you can write a review of two pages in length. Using one of the following Journals:

    Academy of Management Review
    Business and Society in Review
    Business Finance
    Financial Management
    Harvard Business Review
    Healthcare Financial Management
    Industrial and Labor Relations Review
    Journal of Applied Economics and Policy
    Journal of Applied Psychology
    Journal of Business Ethics
    Journal of Finance

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    To begin with, the definition of dissonance would be a worthwhile note if we are to understand the contents of this article. Lowell (2012) refers to cognitive dissonance and defines it as "a state of tensions whenever an individual holds to cognitions (ideas, attitudes, beliefs, opinions) that are psychologically inconsistent" (p. 18). As humans, we have a powerful need to reduce or eliminate any dissonance we may face, which is usually done through self-justification. The author gave an example of this by using the scenario of finding a large sum of money, instead of turning it over to the authorities, we keep it and justify that action by convincing ourselves that since it was such a large sum of money, the person who lost it certainly must be rich and would not even miss it. Or even better, ...

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    This solution details the connection between moral dissonance and managerial behavior, and how behaviors and attitudes can becomes immoral or unethical. The student will be provided with a clear definition of moral dissonance, and will then be able to disseminate the issue of unethical behavior through the lens of organizational theory, thus gaining a better understanding of how the two are interwoven.