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Factors of Buyer Behavior

Jim Hadley is shopping for a new car. He is very concerned about receiving value for his money. He believes cars are for transportation and should be driven until they fall apart. He does not understand how people can trade in their cars for a new one every few years. This view of cars is very much part of his Scottish-Irish heritage. Jim's lifestyle can be best described as comfortable, reflective, mature, and stable. He favors durability, functionality, and value in the products he buys. He must have a vehicle that is large enough to hold his four school-going children. After talking to his wife, his father, and a few co-workers, Jim test drives a minivan but decides he likes vans with 8-cylinder engines.

1. How would you describe Hadley, a striver, a fulfiller, an actualizer, or an experiencer?

2. Explain the 4 main factors of buying behavior that influence Hadley's views of cars.

3. Hadley is exhibiting dissonance-reducing buying behavior. Do you agree? What is your reason.

4. What were the sources used by Hadley while looking for information

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1. How would you describe Hadley, a striver, a fulfiller, an actualizer, or an experiencer?

Hadley is a fulfiller. Fulfillers tend to be principle oriented and mature consumers that are content with their careers and families. Fulfillers base their decisions on principles that are strongly held, and use their hard earned and above average incomes to purchase items that are practical and that focus on value and durability over branding or image. Hadley matches this description since his main focus on shopping for a car is seeking value for his money. He lives a lifestyle that is highly responsible and does not make ...

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This paper covers four questions about buyer behavior. Covers the topics of striver, fulfiller, actualizer, experiencer, and dissonance reducing.