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Case Study of Performance Management

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This is a discussion of question.
Review Case Study 3-1 'Evaluating Vision and Mission Statements at Pepsico' on pages 82-83 of the text.
1. Evaluate the mission and vision statements of Pepsico against the theoretical purpose of such statements.
2. How effective are they in linking strategy with individual performance?

1. The number of words: around 500, of course the more the merrier;
2. With conclusion or summary
3. Academic reference or journal article is necessary with reference list
4. Real world examples are recommended (or even a short one)

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The expert evaluates the mission and vision statements of Pepsico against the theoretical purpose of such statements. How effective these are at linking strategies with individual performances are determined.

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I hope I did what was needed for you. One thing to note: I don't know the textbook's author or year of publication so while I did reference it in the body of the posting; I was not able to properly cite it there, nor in the references area. I would encourage you to fill in that information as you will likely have that information on hand.

1. Evaluate the mission and vision statements of PepsiCo against the theoretical purpose of such statements.

While the mission statement of PepsiCo is good and alludes to the direction the company wishes to move as well as gives a general idea as to what the values of the organization are, it is lacking in a few areas. A company's mission statement is designed to outlines the organization's primary objectives and their purpose. "Its prime function is internal - to define the key measure or measures of the organization's success - and its prime audience is the leadership team and stockholders" (MindTools, 2013, para 2). A mission statement is supposed to give details regarding how the company and its stockholders will know it is a success and this includes ...

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