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    State and Federal Prison Security Levels

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    What sets apart the different security levels based on the crime involved.

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    Prison security levels might differ slightly by state, but a general overview is provided below. Following that is an overview of the differences between security levels among federal prisons. In general, the lower the security level, the more freedom the inmates have and can interact with one another. At the highest security levels, inmates have restricted movement and often are not permitted to interact with one another.

    State Prisons - Security Levels:

    Prior to being assigned to a state prison with an appropriate security level, inmates are sent to a reception center (usually inside an existing prison) where they wait to be classified. Once classified as minimum, medium or maximum security, an inmate can then be assigned to a corresponding state prison. This means that an inmate might serve the first few weeks or months of his or her sentence in reception at one prison while unclassified and then serve the remainder of the sentence at a different prison with the appropriate security ...

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    This library solution provides an overview of the different security levels or classifications at both the state and federal levels with examples of differences from one level to another.