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Discussing the Prison Environment

Please provide some assistance coming up with ideas.

Task: Assume the role of correctional officers at a maximum-security prison. A university professor has asked you to speak to her class about your experiences as correctional officers. To prepare for the visit, she has sent you the question that the students will ask you.

Question: How does the prison environment influence the way you ensure security and custody in your prison?

- Create a hypothetical maximum-security prison environment to use as a basis for your answer. The prison may be a state, federal, private, or non-private prison.

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The prison environment may be extremely dangerous or mildly calm. Depending on the classification of offenders and the crimes that they are convicted of, the environment of a prison will dictate how correctional officers carryout appropriate security measures. There exist three different types of prisons including low, medium, and high-security units. Prisoners who are at the end of their sentences, those serving crimes for minor or white collar crimes, and those who are in prison on federal drug offenses are typically housed ...

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The solution discusses the prison environment.