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State and Federal Prisons

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1. What are the differences between State and Federal prisons.
2. How does life differ for prisoners in State and Federal prisons.

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1. What are the differences between State and Federal prisons.

-- There are several differences between state and federal prisons. State prisons are run in each individual state and while state prisons must comply with all federal prison laws, rules and regulations, the base of authority remains at the state prison level. All states have state prisons. The funding of the prison is accomplished mainly through state income tax collections from businesses and individuals. The state funding of prisons is always one of the primary allocations on a state's budget from income tax money and other forms of state funding. State prisons can qualify for and receive federal funding, but this is not a main funding source.

Some state prisons are minimum security, while others are medium security or maximum security prisons. We find all types of offenders in state prisons. This includes offenders that ...

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This solution discusses the differences between state and federal prisons. The differences in daily life are also discussed. A thorough discussion on both topics is provided.

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