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    Privatizing Prisons

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    Neubauer, David W. (2001) Debating crime: Rhetoric and reality. Belmont, CA:
    Wadsworth/Thomson Learning.

    White, Jonathan R. (2004) Defending the homeland: Domestic intelligence, law enforcement, and security. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning.

    Read Issues 13, 14 and 17 (Parts VIII and X) in Debating Crime, and Ch. 1 and 2 in Defending the Homeland.

    Review these Web sites: Federal Bureau of Prisons at http://www.bop.gov/
    especially the About and News/Information pages.
    *The Corrections Corporation of America Web site at http://www.correctioncorp.com/

    * Prisons should be privatized:
    1. Prisons should be privatized because...
    2. Private prisons are merely enforcing, and not creating prisoner punishments, because...
    3. Private prisons reduce the cost of detaining prisoners because...
    4. Private prisons can provide better prisoner care because...

    * Prisons should not be privatized:
    1. Prisons should not be privatized because...
    2. It is not the place prisons to administer prisoner punishments because...
    3. It is ill-advised to put a private company that must make a profit in charge of prison operations because...
    4. Private prisons that cut costs may risk security problems because...

    Need 200-300 words to debate. One that I take a position on and one to debate.

    Thank You.

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    Dear Student,
    Here is your concise solution. Please check your other post - the war on drugs as it is asking for the same discussions as this one. Elaborate it perhaps so as to differentiate it from this one. Is it about drugs within the prison system or something else?

    OTA 105878

    Running of the US Prison System

    There are currently over 14 million Americans going through the U.S. prison systems annually since 2006. The Private Committee on Safety & Abuse in America's prison point out the flaw within the idea of deviancy management that as a nation the U.S. engages in: The laws for punishments are there and justice through them is served. But within the prison system when a convict enters, incarceration is not about paying for crimes & correcting deviancy --- it is about survival. Prison gangs are prevalent, the pecking order is according to the most notorious & influential of criminals in jail, a different system & counterculture existing under the very supervision of the Prison Warden, guards 6 the correction system. There are no measures against this and had always been a part of the prison culture.

    Maintaining millions inside the prison system is an expensive affair. For every prisoner incarcerated, the U.S. government must shed out $27,000 ...

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    Using the criminology books by Neubauer and White as points of reference, the solution discusses the pros & cons of privatizing US Prisons using statistics & correction facts from BOP & private facilities websites. The solution is concise and to the point. It can be expanded using the cited references the solution provides.