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Liberal and Conservative Ideologies.

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Please list the differences between liberal and conservative ideology in the states.

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This one is easy:
There is not much difference between the parties at the state level. Technically, Nebraska does not have state parties, except for the governorship. Of course for federal office, NE has normal party membership.

Liberalism at the state level:
Higher public spending.

Less emphasis on enforcement and more on treatment and prevention of crimes.

Pro-abortion, but that is now a federal issue of the Supreme Court. Restrictions, however, can be placed on the practice at the state level.

Strong public sector unions. Regulate business tightly, especially on gender issues and the environment.

Lots of social issues such as feminism, gay rights (usually in the form of domestic partner benefits) and affirmative action all around. ...

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The following posting lists the differences between liberal and conservative ideologies in the Unites States. Concepts discussed include social spending, foreign policy and control over health care.