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How ideology works and affects the American system

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The Solution explains the differences between Liberalism and Conservatism answering the following questions -

Does ideology really make a difference in the United States today?
How does this affect the two-party system?

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Liberalism is terminology used for those who place a value higher on the human needs than on fiscal needs. Conservatives place more emphasis on fiscal concerns. Fiscal concerns are usually more business and free market directed. Liberals are more likely to spend money to aid members of society in any number of ways, some good, others not so good.

For example, the liberal view is to support education by supplying more money to schools, despite their record of graduating students making high enough grades and leaving with the ability to read, write, and do computations that will get them through most situations. ...

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A discussion on the differences in conservatism and liberalism, how it affects the United States, and if it really makes a difference.

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