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    The US Two Party System: Liberal & Conservative ideologies

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    Simpy answer these 2 Questions to your fullest:

    1) What are the factors that contribute to the two party system in US politics?

    2) Describe 3 differences between liberal and conservative ideologies and issues as reflected in the platforms of the republican and democratic parties.

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    2. The liberal factions identify with the need for government to meet the needs of all citizens, even if this includes entitlement programs. Conservative views are the less government, the better and that government should provide the guiding hand not the hand outs.There is also the liberal view of support for choice, on issues such as abortion and stem cell research, where the living person makes the choice of what actions to take. Conservatives usually support the bans on abortion under the religious and moral reasons of the rights of the unborn child. Much of stem cell research is done using the stem cells of aborted babies. This is morally unacceptable to conservatives. The liberal view is also about areas of protection such as ...

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    The solution discusses particulars about the two-party system in the US: the factors that contribute to the system, the difference between the liberal and the conservative ideologies, particularly that which are central to the republicans and the democrats.