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Strengths and Weaknesses: Public and Private Sector

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of both governmental and private social work organizations. Provide an analysis of whether or not criminal justice agencies should be privatized.

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I'm sure you have some ideas about strengths and weaknesses based on what you are learning in this class. I believe you could write several books on a topic this broad. In our current political and economic climate - at least in the United States - there is a movement toward privatizing everything in order to keep government small. I can't tell from your post where you are, but much of what I say about the United States is true for other democracies.

The Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution guarantees a number of things that also exist other democratic constitutions. I'll refer you to this link from Yale Law for the specifics: http://avalon.law.yale.edu/18th_century/rights1.asp. If you scroll down to the very bottom of that page, you'll see links to the remaining amendments, all of which guarantee basic human rights. The Fourth and Fourteenth amendments are probably the most important for your ...

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The solution provides assistance and advise in tackling the task set in the original problem (see above); in particular in discussing the strengths and weaknesses of government and private sector work organizations and a discussion of whether or not criminal justice agencies should be privatized. Works by Rousseau and Foucault relevant to the discussion are also attached.