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    SWOT Analysis for the Lego Case Study

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    I would like you to analyze the case study "LEGO" as SWOT analysis, including grounds of them. So four elements: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. You can use today's current external environment of the industry. I would like to know SWOT elements for each.
    Now I am practicing to analyze companies, but I don't know how to do exactly.
    So I would like to learn how to do by asking you for it.

    See the reference for the Lego case study:
    Rivkin, Jan W., Stefan Thomke, and Daniela Beyersdorfer. "LEGO." Harvard Business School Case 613-004, July 2012.

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    1. Strategies for improving public program's performance
    With increasing public awareness there is increased pressure on government to improve public sector performance. Since there is no standard blueprint which could be used to improve the performance, diverse approaches need to be adopted to reform key institutional arrangements. These strategies include transforming workforce structure, size and human resource arrangements, changing budget practices, using competitive pressures and decentralization.
     Improving human resource practices: HRM in U.S. public sector is complex, laden with contradictions in policy and practice which result from unwieldy and unstable combinations of values and systems. To improve public programs performance HRM needs a reform which means increasing managerial flexibility, adopting nonstandard work arrangements, and privatizing and service contracting. Public HRM systems need to be balanced with ...

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    A SWOT analysis for the Lego Case Study is examined.