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Public-Private Partnerships

How can public-private partnerships (P3) impact government structures and processes? In your response, include an example of a P3. For more information about P3, refer to the website for The National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (i.e., http://ncppp.org/).

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In the arrangement of the public private partnerships (P3) arrangement, the government and private sector parties share the responsibility for the completion of a project or delivery of a service. The public agency will remain involved in the project. The private company will be responsible for the design, finance and operations of the project. By doing so, the government will be freed up to work on other projects and dedicate their resources and money (The information was obtained at http://www.treasurer.ca.gov/cdiac/publications/p3.pdf 'Public-Private Partnerships: A Guide to selecting a private partner'). The key factor in a public private partnership is that the government entity is ...

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The expert determines how public-private partnerships impact the government structures and processes.