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    Public Health Partnerships

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    I need help answering the questions below. In APA style and must include abstract and at least three peer-reviewed articles.

    I need help explaining the different types of partnerships that health agencies can have and analyze two public health partnerships. What are their purposes? How are they structured? Have they achieved their goals and been evaluated? Conclude by contrasting the two projects: how are they similar and different from each other? Do you see any advantages to either type of partnership?

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    Different Types of Partnerships for Health Agencies


    Development of a nation and society is highly dependent upon the well living standard and health of people. This essay is associated with the uses of partnership strategies in the health care industry, so that the government and private organizations can maintain their profit ratio along with quality of health care services. This paper will provide explanation about the different kinds of partnership strategies that the health care agencies can have.

    Apart from this, the essay will also explain about the purpose and structure of different types of public health partnerships with the help of various examples. Moreover, the reader would also be able to understand the similarities and differences among the partnership styles and their advantages for the society and nation.


    Increases in the deficiencies in the health care systems can be control by reforming the structure of the health industry. Delivering high quality health services is the responsibility of the government, society and individuals (Brundtland, 2001). On the other hand, in the developing countries, vertical deficiencies of the human and financial resources have hindered the efforts of government to improve the healthcare services.

    Additionally, shortage of adequate skills and abilities is one of the main reasons behind the poor quality of healthcare services in the developed countries, where the resources are existed (Blagescu & Young, 2005). In this concern, it is essential to reshape the structure of healthcare industry by executing some significant strategies.

    Partnership is one of the main strategies to improve the quality of the world healthcare industry. This is a form of business, which includes two or more persons involved in the trading of goods and services. All the partners or one partner, on behalf of all the partners, is responsible for running the organization effectively (Smith-Stoner, 2004).

    The partnership form of the business is beneficial, as all the partners share financial liability and the resources in an equivalent manner. In the world of health care, the services users have become very important. Involvement of management strategies enables the health organizations to improve the quality features and reduce the level of inadequacy.

    Thus, the concept of health agency partnership has become an emerging issue for both developed and developing countries (Introduction to partnerships, 2010).

    Different Types of Partnership

    Several types of partnership that health care agencies can have are public-public partnership, public-private partnership, and private-private partnership. These various partnerships and collaborations open the door of success for the health care agencies (Ashton, Cumming & McLean, 2004). These different types of partnership in healthcare industry can be defined as followed:

     Public- Public Partnership: The public-public partnership means, partnership between two public health care agencies, communities, voluntary groups, in which government involves (Axelsson & Bustreo & Harding, 2003). In this style of partnership, the public agencies can use ...

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