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    Different Types of Agencies that Operate Jails

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    What types of agencies (aside from counties) have the authority to operate jails? Give a description and example for the different types of agencies that possess this ability.

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    Several examples of agencies responsible for jail operations aside from counties are listed below:

    Sheriff: In many counties, the local sheriff is responsible for jail operations in their specific jurisdiction.

    City Agencies: Some jails are operated by agencies at the city level, versus the county level. One example of a city-operated jail is the Cleveland City Jail in Cleveland, Ohio.

    State Agencies: A few states operate certain jails at the state level, meaning a state agency, rather than a local county/city one, is responsible for ...

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    This library solution lists which types of agencies have the authority to operate jails and a brief description/example for each. Such agencies includes: a county sheriff representing their jurisdiction, city and state agencies, the federal government, private companies, and military brigs.