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Summarizing an Article

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I need help summarizing this biology article discussing the evolution of how bird song affects signal efficiency using the following sections:

Background information & importance to biology
Question researched
Hypothesis/Predictions made
Material and Methods (Details not required)

Article: http://www.museum.lsu.edu/elizabethderryberry/Publications_files/Derryberry%202007.pdf

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The expert summarizes an article evolution. The material and methods are provided.

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Question researched - This is basically asking you what they're trying to investigate. What question do they want to answer?

A good place to start is to read the abstract at the very top of the paper. Perhaps the most pertinent information in there, for this question, is:

"Although variation in mating signals among populations is known to affect mating behavior, there is no direct evidence that the evolution of mating signals changes signal effectiveness within a natural population."

We can basically rewrite that into a research question:

Since there is no direct evidence that evolution of mating signals change signal effectiveness, does variation in mating signals among populations (presumably of the same species) affect mating behavior?

Hypothesis/predictions - Most research studies will make a prediction, a hypothesis, about how their experiments will turn out. Or what their observations are like.

The most useful information comes from the introduction, second paragraph:

"The prediction that signal evolution may contribute directly to the formation of reproductive barriers is not well ...

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