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Summarizing a Study

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Select a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article. This article must be an original research project published within the past five years. The study should illustrate preparedness. In your own words, summarize the research design, procedures, and results of the study. How do I get started?

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The expert summarizes a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article. The preparedness is illustrated in the article.

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There is a hidden element to this question.

"The study should illustrate preparedness". What qualifies as being "prepared"?

In research, being prepared translates into accounting for all possibilities. In order to summarize and support the paper's research design, you first want to understand the background behind the topic of the paper.

Did the authors give thorough, concise background knowledge that covers the relevant topics' history and why their research question was asked? For example, if I wrote a paper on the efficacy of a particular shoulder replacement, I want to discuss the history behind how and why this particular shoulder replacement was designed, who has used it, whether or not it has been shown to be successful, and most importantly: why I'm assessing the efficacy of it again. Perhaps I found errors in all the other ...

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